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Storage Ideas For Loft Conversions

Last Updated on December 30, 2018Low spaces and sloped ceilings which are found in lofts can be converted into great storage spaces. As much as loft conversions usually increase the percentage of your home’s storage space, they also add the value of the property. Lofts have awkward eaves, heights, and corners which can make it difficult for furniture to perfectly fit in But this doesn’t mean that they can’t be converted into beautiful storage areas. If you wish to convert your loft, below are some of the best loft-conversion storage ideas.

Create Low-Level Storage Spaces along the Walls

When it comes to loft storage ideas, the aim is to get the most out of the little space. But while deciding which option to use, lighting is also crucial. This is because lofts are usually highly exposed to skylights compared to any other place in your house. This means that your storage options may be limited. To go about this, you can use the bottom section of the loft’s wall. Low-level units which stretch along the width or the length of the loft can be beneficial.

Maximise on the Eaves

A lot of people usually miss this, but the best way to fully utilise the loft is dwelling on the eaves. You can do this by creating an enclosed space where you can store things such as old toys, books, suitcases, and even Christmas decorations. In-built storage units that are created on eaves make use of the spaces in the loft without the room getting encroached. It’s perfect for mass storage.

Move Along the slant

Every slanting inch of the loft is important. Maximise on this by creating a wall-to-wall type of storage that follows the slanting slope. The best way to do this is by creating cupboards. Not only will they fit perfectly but they will help to ensure that all the available spaces are well utilised.

Incorporate Your Workstation

An amazing spot that is perfect for the home office is a loft conversion. These rooms are usually very quiet and situate away from human traffic. It’s the best place that you can include your workstation because it’s far away from distractions such as housework or TVs. Loft conversions provide an organised storage where you can place your cabinets and desks. Additionally, you can safely store your paperwork and other devices on the opposite walls to ensure that everything is under control.

Create A Dressing Room

You can turn the loft into a cute dressing room or a place where you store some of your clothes. Make use of the vertical space by creating hangers or a clothing line. Additionally, you can also create a small walk-in closet. You can use cupboards and drawers that are made of mirrored glass to create a big storage space. The reason why mirrored glass is essential is that it helps to allow natural sunlight to get, making the loft brighter and lively.

Mix and Match

Don’t be strict with yourself. Mix and match the available space in order to create a storage space that has different levels. Each wall can be unique in its own way i.e. tall cupboards on one side, floating drawers on the opposite side, clothing rails on the other etc. A mix and match storage creates versatility and enhances the appearance of the loft.

Create a Mezzanine Storage

One of the best and unique storage ideas is to tuck everything under. Adding storage drawers on a mezzanine level is a genius way of converting lofts which have little spaces. Underneath storage drawers allow you to create a variety of storage options which include pullout drawers. They provide a perfect hideout for storing shoes or clothes.

Capitalise on Under-bed Storage

If your loft has a standard height, you can capitalise on this and go hard on the under-bed storage. All you need is to maximize on the space that is found beneath the bed. You can create drawers, a clothes rail, desk, or even a bookshelf. Note that there is a wide variety of cabin beds and this gives you the option of even creating an inbuilt storage option. Overall, an under-bed storage utilizes very little space and it helps to keep the loft organised.

Use Wooden Boxes and Baskets

Note that financial strains might make it difficult to invest in in-built drawers or other types of furniture. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still utilise the space in your loft. One of the best storage ideas is to use baskets. Additionally, there are some spaces that won’t effectively accommodate furniture and instead of leaving awkward empty spaces, use wooden boxes to fill them up. This is a simple and cost-effective way of getting the most out of your loft space. It makes it look beautiful as well.

Design a Personalised Storage Solution

Although a customised storage option might be very expensive compared to ready-made, it’s a better solution for rooms which have awkward shapes and angles such as lofts. Regardless of what you are going to use the loft for, you can still add in tailor-made drawers, wardrobes, or nooks. Overall, you can dedicate this place to be a storage room for anything. A customised storage option will easily blend with the architecture of your loft space and effectively makes use of all the crannies.

Most people usually want to carve out additional spaces in their homes. The best way to go about this is by converting the loft. It increases the overall storage space of your property. Reports indicate that loft conversion can increase the storage space of a property by 50 percent. For home sellers, this can increase the value of the property by almost 20 percent.

Whether your loft is a living space, home office, or a bedroom, using these storage ideas can help you to get the most out of it. Don’t forget to make your loft more attractive by highlighting the various shapes of drawers 8 cupboards using contrasting paints and ensuring that the area still has access to sufficient sunlight.

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