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Meet Zac and Aiko Houghton from Loftera

Loftera is a construction company and website offering advice and guidance to households all over the United Kingdom.

Loftera is for people who want to know the cost of home improvement jobs before they get started. We offer accurate estimates on everything from roofing to landscaping, so you can have a better idea about what your project will cost. And because we are building this company together with our customers, there’s no other place where homeowners can get more accurate information about their projects than Loftera.

We are company known to its customers by the high quality of work that we provide. Converting your loft is our speciality and meeting your requirements is our number one priority. Our service is tailored to your needs and we offer several services on the top of loft conversions such as interior design and cleaning.

If there is any questions you have then we are more than happy to have a chat with you over the phone, answer them via email or come to your place and discuss it in person. We are a very approachable company focused on the customer.

There are several benefits to a loft conversion and we highly encourage you to read our blog to learn more about them as well as about the whole process in general. We are busy doing the work but we do our best to keep the blog section of our website updated and fill it out with useful articles. We also use blog posts as an opportunity to answer different questions that our clients or potential customers ask on a regular basis.

So if you’d like to transform your loft than don’t waste any more time and talk to us today 

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