loft conversion storage ideas

Storage Ideas For Loft Conversions

Low spaces and sloped ceilings which are found in lofts can be converted into great storage spaces. As much as loft conversions usually increase the percentage of your home’s storage space, they also add the value of the property. Lofts have awkward eaves, heights, and corners which can make it …

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DIY Loft Conversion Step by Step Guide

The Things You Need to Know before Converting Your Loft Loft conversion is the most popular choice for people trying to create an extra living space in the UK. Lofts are traditionally considered damp areas that house old furniture and Christmas decorations among other items. However, a loft can give …

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How Long Does It Take To Convert A Loft

How Long Does It Take To Convert A Loft?

As loft conversion specialists, one of the most frequent questions we get asked is: “How long will my loft conversion take?’ Although no two loft conversions are the same, the same general timescale can be used depending on what type of conversion you might want. Understanding that every project is …

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Do loft conversions add value to your house

Do loft conversions add value to your house?

Do loft conversions add value to your house? A major reason behind why a homeowner would want to improve certain areas of their house is because they want to sell the property. However other numerous reasons exist as to why you may want to conduct improvement projects to your horn. …

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