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Zac Houghton

Hi, I'm Zac! I've set up Loftera with a simple mission in mind. To offer the best and free home improvement advice. This section is where the best of our work is published. Producing great content wouldn't be possible without my wife, Aiko which you can see smiling next to me. She is a frequent contributor to the site and shares a lot of her knowledge here at Loftera. Together we have over 20 years of knowledge in the home improvement industry and use this very blog to share our skills with you.

cost to build garage

Cost to Build a Garage – UK Prices for 2022

Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 30%: Click To Get Quotes Table of Contents Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 30%: Click To Get Quotes Did you know that a garage can add between 5% and 10% to the value of your property? For security, storage, and extra space, a garage is a

shower installation cost

Shower Installation Cost – UK Price Comparison 2022

Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 30%: Click To Get Quotes Did you know that you can get a new shower unit installed for as little as £300, including labour? Having a modern and powerful shower installed is a win for both the convenience and the aesthetics of your bathroom. Showers also use less

electrician, repair, electricity-1080554.jpg

Electrician Cost – UK Prices And Rates for 2022

Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 40%: Click To Get Quotes Did you know that electricity is a major cause of accidents in homes, resulting in 20,000 fires [1] across the country each year? Rewiring your house is just one of the many ways you can ensure a safe electricity supply to avoid disruption

solar panel installation cost

Solar Panel Installation Cost – UK Price Comparison 2022

Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 30%: Click To Get Quotes Everyone wants to save money when it comes to their energy bills, no matter what situation you’re in. Now, whilst solar panels might not have seemed like a viable option to most people 10-20 years ago, they are much more widely available these

winter garden, glass, canopy

Orangery Cost – UK Price Comparison

Save 30% off your extension quote: Click To Get Quotes Homeowners are always looking for ways to add value to their property and whilst updating existing features and giving your interior some real TLC is always a good start, nothing quite beats adding further space to your home. Not only can some form of extension

knives, set, chopping board-1839061.jpg

A Guide To Importing Houseware: Is It Worth It?

You don’t need to look at cost-of-living comparisons to know that the UK is one of the most expensive places to live. It has never been much of a secret, in spite of our strong currency. For this reason, savvy shoppers now consider buying goods abroad and shipping them home. Some even do so with

office, home, house-1078869.jpg

Home Office Setup: How to Design a Home Office

Are you finally thinking of setting up a proper home office? Well, with a year and a half of confinement within the four walls of our house and a reckless work-from-home routine, we’d say it’s about time! But in case you’ve no idea where to begin & how to execute this successfully, we are happy

boiler maintenance

Boiler Maintenance: 10 Tips for Keeping Your Boiler in Tip-Top Condition

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable. The cold is likely to creep in. A boiler is essential to prevent oneself from freezing. Hence, you must take care of it.  A well-maintained boiler will not only work to perfection, but it will also help save you money on energy bills. Heating consumption costs around

glass box extension costs

Glass Box Extension Cost – UK Prices for 2022

Did you know that installing a glass box extension in your property can increase the value of your home by up to 7%? Let’s do some quick maths to figure out exactly how much that 7% increase could work out at for different house values. Initial House Value 7% of Initial Value House Value After

bungalow extension cost

Bungalow Extension Cost – How Much Is It?

Did you know that adding an extension to your property can increase its value by up to 23%? Well, doing so with a bungalow is no different, and the work can be carried out at a lower price than a typical three-bedroom house. That sort of increase in value to a property is difficult to