Zac Houghton

Zac Houghton

Hi, I'm Zac! I've set up Loftera with a simple mission in mind. To offer the best and free home improvement advice. This section is where the best of our work is published. Producing great content wouldn't be possible without my wife, Aiko which you can see smiling next to me. She is a frequent contributor to the site and shares a lot of her knowledge here at Loftera. Together we have over 20 years of knowledge in the home improvement industry and use this very blog to share our skills with you.

end of tenancy cleaning prices

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

Sort Out Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Save up to 40% by comparing quotes from affordable cleaners. Click To Get Quotes Getting your property cleaned at the end of a tenancy can often seem daunting and expensive, but did you know that the average house or apartment can actually be deep cleaned for less than

bedroom, cupboard, bed

Double Glazing Cost – Compare Quotes and Prices Per Square Metre

Would You Like a Double Glazing Quote? Save up to 40% by comparing quotes from trusted local companies. Click To Get Quotes Did you know that having double glazed windows can help you to save, on average, over £100 a year on your energy costs? Cold and rain can cause havoc here in Britain, so

New Roof Cost

How Much Does a New Roof Cost in 2021? [Accurate Estimates]

Need a brand new roof installed? Save up to 40% by comparing quotes from trusted roofing companies. Click To Get Quotes A vital aspect of any property; a roof safeguards you and your loved ones from natures harshest elements, be it wind, rain or even lightning. However, did you know that your roof is also

installing a new boiler

New Boiler Cost – How Much Is It? Compare Boiler Prices & Quotes

If you’ve ever run into boiler trouble, the instant feeling of dread won’t be new to you. Beyond the immediate thought of “how much is this going to set me back?” and “how long am I going to be without hot water or heating?”, a broken boiler can be downright dangerous. So, for those of

new bathroom cost

How Much Does A New Bathroom Cost? UK Price Comparison

Would you like a new bathroom? Save up to 40% by comparing quotes from trusted bathroom fitters. Click To Get Quotes Did you know that a refurbished bathroom can add up to 5% on your overall property value? So, without question, it is absolutely worth investing in a new bathroom. In this blog, we will


Boiler Service Cost: How Much Is It & How Can I Save in 2021?

Think having your boiler serviced is an unnecessary cost? Think again. A broken boiler is a major problem for any home, particularly in the colder months. The below are three of the main problems that you will be faced with without a fully functioning boiler; Cold showers & cold running water Redundant radiators A generally


5 Benefits of Underfloor Heating – Advantages & Disadvantages

Need an Underfloor Heating Quote? Save up to 40% by comparing quotes from trusted tradesmen. Click To Get Quotes While conventional radiators are the most common device used to heat Britain’s homes, did you know that underfloor heating is an eco-friendlier, energy-saving method of warming you up this winter? In this article, we’ll detail the


How Much Do Sash Windows Cost? UK Price Comparison

Need a Quote for Sash Windows? Save up to 40% by comparing quotes from trusted window installers. Click To Get Quotes Sash or, ‘double-hung’ windows, are an undeniable classic that improves the look and feel of any home. Furthermore, whilst standard casement windows are often the default due to their functionality, security and affordability, modern

home staging cost

Home Staging Cost in 2021 – UK Price Comparison

Need a Home Staging Service? Save up to 40% by comparing quotes from trusted home stagers. Click To Get Quotes Did you know that staged homes sell for a staggering 8% more than non-staged homes? Well, now you do. Now that we have your attention, let’s get to discussing home staging costs in 2021 and

How Much to Build a House

How Much Does It Cost To Build a House? – Price Breakdown Per M2

Building your own house from scratch is one of the biggest projects that anyone can take on. It leaves many people wondering –  how much does it cost to build a house? We’ll find out today! For many, it is too big a project to commit to. For others, it is an exciting time full of