Do loft conversions add value to your house

Do loft conversions add value to your house?

Last Updated on December 12, 2020 

Do loft conversions add value to your house? A major reason behind why a homeowner would want to improve certain areas of their house is because they want to sell the property. However other numerous reasons exist as to why you may want to conduct improvement projects to your horn. There are a ton of ways for one to add value to a house. From increasing space to accommodate more people to enhancing the general look to increase appeal, value addition is a greatly rewarding experience regardless of why you are doing it Loft conversion is one of the many ways people go for when considering home improvement projects.

But will a loft conversion add value to your home or is it money gone down the drain? Read on to find out;

Does an extra bedroom add value?

Many homeowners turn lofts into study rooms, prayer rooms, and playrooms and so on But did you now that a loft is an excellent space for an extra bedroom? Research shows that an extra bedroom raises the value of a property by up to 20 percent. Compared to the amount of money spent making adjustments to your home, you are sure to get your investments back two-fold or more by converting your loft into an extra bedroom.

What adds most value to a house?

There are limitless options to choose from when deciding to upgrade your horn. But how sure are you that the options you choose add value? Here are some sure options guaranteed to add value to your house;

Loft conversion

If you are looking for a project that will not cost too much, cause too much disruption around the house or take too long to finish, a loft conversion is your best bet. Not only is converting a loft easy, it is also an efficient means to fetch more money when you decide to sell. Read more: loft conversion cost.

Lofts make space for extra rooms which is what most people demand when looking to buy houses. This means that once you decide to move and sell the house, you have offers coming your way almost instantly. A loft conversion is no doubt a worthy investment that has an immense power to add value to your home.

Electricity and plumbing

Before doing exterior projects such as repainting walls, redoing the floors or decorating the rooms, it is advisable to first look at the plumbing and wiring of the house. This way you avoid suffering the inconvenience of undoing all the work previously done because you ignored the underlying problems. If several years have gone by before any electrical updates or plumbing maintenance have been done, then this should be your starting point. What happens when updating your plumbing and electricals?


  • Replacing the fuse box with a new one
  • Installing a new and modern residual circuit device-ROD for enhanced safety
  • Rewiring the house wherever necessary
  • Increasing the number of sockets and switches
  • Installing new fans and lighting fixtures


  • Look out for any noisy pipes that need fixing
  • Replace old worn out pipes with new ones
  • Buy new faucets that function better and do not leak
  • Install modern boilers to provide hot water on demand

The above are sure ways to have buyers scrambling to make offers that you’ll definitely find very lucrative.

Fix Structural deformities

Are you thinking of redecorating the living room, redesigning your bathroom or kitchen? Well, hold it. Take a step back and inspect the condition of the structure of your house first. Fixing structural issues can cost an arm and a leg. Before you spend money on less urgent matters, therefore, how about start from the most important project? Examples of structural projects include;

  • Rebuilding weak walls that are cracked or look curved instead of straight
  • Replacing rotten wooden beams
  • Fixing a leak in the roof or a roof that appears to be sagging
  • Repairing damaged caused by insect invasions inside the walls or roof
  • Replacing broken, worn out or missing roofing tiles
  • Redoing a floor or slab that has collapsed

When working on the above structural projects focus less on the amount of money you have to spend. Instead, look at it as a small price to pay compared to the return on investment you are set to fetch once you sell the property.

Work on the nitty gritty

While some flaws may seem like a waste of time and money, take a second and look closely. In combination, working on small projects together has a significant effect on the bottom line by adding the value of your house. The good thing about such projects is that you have the choice to either use the help of a professional or do it yourself. These are all small projects that will not cost you much and can be done quickly. Such projects include;

  • Repaint any walls where paint appears to be peeling off
  • Replace dysfunctional door latches with new ones
  • Grease or fix windows that are stuck or squeak when you open
  • If the taps are dripping even when tightly turned off, replace them
  • Are the sealants in your bathroom sinks or kitchen sinks mouldy?
  • Fix them Fix or replace loose, cracked or broken tiles
  • If you can smell the sewer it needs to be checked and fixed If your ceiling appears strong but needs to be rejuvenated, get it repainted or maintained

Remodel before you add

The thought of building or working on a new space other than your main house is exciting. But would it make sense to spend your money and effort on a new structure despite your current one needing attention? If your aim is to add the value of your house, think of improving high traffic areas such as the kitchen, the living room, the washrooms, and bathrooms. Thereafter you can take up other projects. How best would you improve your current space though? Here are a few ideas;

Tear down the wall dividing the kitchen and the dining area. You can tear it completely or tear it halfway. The goal is to join the space between the dining area and the kitchen for enhanced functionality.

Add or remove walls throughout the house to achieve a different yet appealing look. Choose to have few large rooms as opposed to having many small rooms. This way, your home will appear much larger than it actually is.

Be sure to find a professional to handle all improvement projects in your horn. A shoddy job is less appealing and may end up costing one a lot as buyers will be reluctant to invest in the house. In the case of a loft conversion, for instance, you must ensure that the design, finishing, and structure is done properly.