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Driveway Gates Prices – UK Costs for 2023

driveway gates prices

Did you know that installing an automated driveway gate can boost the value of your property by 5%?

Your driveway is the first thing visitors see when arriving at your property. You can spruce up your driveway’s appearance with the addition of an attractive set of driveway gates, ensuring that the entrance to your property makes a great first impression on visitors and passers-by.

Several material options are available for your driveway gate, each with its own set of benefits. You can expect to pay, on average, £1400 for a new driveway gate. This price includes supply and labour costs. This article will explore how these costs are calculated and how much you’re likely to pay for your new gate.

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driveway gates prices

Types of Driveway Gate

The type of gate design you opt for depends on your aesthetic preferences, desired features, and budget. The space you have available on your driveway also plays a part in the decision, because some driveway gates require more room than others to open.

Different driveway gate categories come with different price tags, so determine a budget before you begin shopping around.

Wooden Gates

Wooden driveway gates come in different varieties of wood, including oak, teak, cedar and Scandanavian redwood. Timber gates boast a traditional aesthetic for the front of your property and can be painted or stained a colour of your choice.

Wooden gates are, however, more susceptible to weather damage than metal models. Timber gates can split or twist if the gate isn’t installed correctly, underlining the need for professional installation.

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Get quotes from local companies and tradespeople in your area. Saving you up to 40% and dozens of hours on researching.

Metal Gates

Metal driveway gates are one of the most popular types of driveway gates because they look attractive and require minimum maintenance. Metal gates are durable and robust in most types of weather, and are well-suited aesthetically to modern properties.

Because there are typically bigger gaps in metal gates, they provide less privacy for people who are conscious of being overlooked, so this is something to consider if privacy is high up on your priority list.

Electric Gates

An electronic gate promises maximum convenience by putting automation at the heart of the experience.  With electronic or automated gates, you can open and close your gates at the click of a button. This automation allows for a speedy opening and avoids you having to get out of your car to open the gate manually.

As a result of this convenience, electronic driveway gates can add a greater value to your property than manual models. They’re incredibly durable and offer a high level of security.

However, this extra convenience affects the cost. Electronic gates can be considerably more expensive than their manual counterparts, and they will not function in any situation where your power supply is affected, such as a power cut.

Swing Gates

Swinging driveway gates are a popular choice. Swing gates swing open in two separate halves, which lock together in the middle when closed. These gates can be electronic or manual, with the electronic versions costing considerably more.

Swing gates benefit from being low maintenance and making minimal noise when opening. On the other hand, these gates can be affected by large gusts of wind, and they are only suited to large driveways because they require adequate space to open inwards.

Sliding Gates

A sliding gate slides across to open. Sliding gates can come in both manual and automated models.

Sliding gates are simple to use, unaffected by wind, and incredibly well suited to wide opening spaces. Sliding gates require enough space on at least one side of the gate for the gates to slide across into, so this is a point for consideration.

driveway gates cost

Bespoke Bi-Folding Gates

If you’re low on driveway space, bi-folding gates are an excellent option. When opening, each half of the bi-folding gates folds in the centre. Because of this, these gates require approximately half the area of swinging gates that open inwards into the driveway.

Bi-folding gates open up faster, save driveway space, and are available as a trackless system. However, bi-folding gates are more complex and time-consuming to install and typically cost more than a sliding or swinging gate.

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Get quotes from local companies and tradespeople in your area. Saving you up to 40% and dozens of hours on researching.

How Much Does A Driveway Gate Cost?

When pricing up the installation of a driveway gate, you should take two factors into account: the cost to supply the gate itself, and the cost of the labour required to install it.  The cost of the material varies depending on which type of driveway gate you choose, so it’s a smart idea to compare the prices of different materials before going ahead.

Installing a set of standard driveway gates will set you back around £500, but installing more advanced models can come with a price tag of up to £10,000.

Added extras such as an intercom system will set you back around £300, so be sure to factor this in when pricing up your driveway gate installation.

Driveway Gate Prices

The below table shows the average costs associated with installing some of the most common driveway gates:

Cost of manual wooden driveway gates (materials) £350-£400
Cost of manual wooden driveway gates (labour) £350-£400
Cost of manual metal driveway gates (materials) £300-£500
Cost of manual metal driveway gates (labour) £350-£500
Cost of electronic driveway gates (materials) £1,500-£5000+
Cost of electronic driveway gates (labour) £500-1,500+
Gate automation kit £300
Intercom gate controls £300

driveway gates

Benefits of A Driveway Gate


Driveway gates provide many security benefits for your property, helping you to defend your house from intruders. The height of driveway gates makes it harder for burglars to enter the property.


If you spend a lot of time in your front garden and don’t want to be overlooked, driveway gates allow you affordable privacy. By reducing the visibility of your property from the road, gates can reduce the chances of planned burglaries.


Installing a driveway gate gives your property plenty of kerb appeal. Driveway gates are a unique feature that boost the first impression of your property when they’re adequately maintained.

Depending on the material you use, driveway gates can be used to complement your property’s architecture and the finish of your driveway. Timber gates, for example, perfectly round off the look of a traditional cottage or rural estate.

Increases Property Value

The benefits associated with driveway gates don’t only appeal to you, but to your future buyers too. The inclusion of a driveway gate makes prospective buyers feel confident in the property’s security, and driveway gates are a desirable feature for the privacy-conscious.

Installing driveway gates can add up to 5% to the resale value of your house, boasting a significant return on investment on the initial price.


Driveway gates don’t just offer security from people outside, but also protect the safety of those inside the house. If you have young children or pets, getting a driveway gate installed is a worthwhile investment because it reduces the chances of them escaping from your front garden.

New Driveway Cost

If you’re looking to revamp the front of your house completely, consider getting a new driveway installed too. Each different driveway material has its own benefits and price tag, so weigh up the features and compare prices before deciding.

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Get quotes from local companies and tradespeople in your area. Saving you up to 40% and dozens of hours on researching.

Concrete driveways

Concrete is a popular driveway material choice because of its durability and minimal maintenance required. It also benefits from being one of the cheapest driveway material options. The average total cost for a new concrete driveway is between £1800 and £4000, including labour and supply costs.

Cobblestone driveways

Cobblestones offer a unique and traditional look for your driveway. If they’re installed and maintained correctly, cobblestone driveways can last upwards of a decade. You can expect the average cost of a cobblestone driveway to come in at around £3500 once you account for labour and material costs.

Tarmac and asphalt driveways

Tarmac and asphalt driveways offer a similar finish. Asphalt driveways cost less than many other driveway options, leaving more money in your pocket for your new driveway gate.

Asphalt driveways require minimal maintenance to keep them in top condition. Asphalt provides a durable and weather-resistant finish for your driveway, and it’s a 100% recyclable material, making it the perfect choice for the eco-conscious.

The price of a tarmac driveway is similarly low, coming in at between £2000-£3000. Tarmac driveways boast a long lifespan, durability and a clean and attractive finish.

Gravel driveways

Gravel driveways are a popular driveway option, providing the front of your property with a traditional look. The average cost of a gravel driveway is £2500, similar to that of concrete, asphalt, or tarmac. Gravel driveways offer natural permeability and a lifespan of up to 100 years if maintained correctly.

Heated driveways

Heated driveways cost more than other driveways because of the convenience added by their heating element. A heated driveway saves your driveway from snow and cold weather damage and removes the need to shovel snow in the winter.

For a standard-size driveway, you can expect to pay around £3500 to install a heated driveway.

driveway gates uk

Get A FREE Quote from local Driveway Specialists

Get quotes from local companies and tradespeople in your area. Saving you up to 40% and dozens of hours on researching.


Which type of driveway gate should I choose?

If you’re unsure which type of driveway gate is right for you, consider the following factors.

  • Space and location
  • Appearance
  • Security and privacy
  • Safety needs
  • Added extras (such as an automated gate)

For example, if the primary purpose of your driveway gate will be to stop pets and children from leaving the property, a gate with large gaps will not be the best choice.

Equally, it’s vital to determine where your gate will be positioned. This will determine the size of the gate and how it opens. If you’re in the market for swing gates, you need to ensure that they leave enough space not to hit cars as they open.

How do I maintain my driveway gate?

Proper gate maintenance is essential to keep your driveway gate looking attractive all year long. Treating your gate at least once yearly is recommended, with spring being the ideal time to do so. The recommended care varies across the different gate materials. The guide below will explore the different maintenance processes required for each material.

  • Wooden gates: To maintain your timber gate, coat it with varnish, sealant, or paint every year.
  • Driveway gate hinges: To keep your hinges in good condition, keep them clean and apply oil regularly.
  • Automated gates: Keep your automatic gates in good condition by protecting them from pests and cleaning them.
  • Metal gates: Wash your metal gates regularly and pretend them from rust to keep your driveway entrance looking spick and span.
  • Swing gates: To keep your swing gates functioning as they should be, keep the internal chains lubricated.

If you want to keep the front of your property looking clean and polished, make sure you look after your driveway too.

To keep your driveway in tip-top condition, consider looking into driveway cleaning costs. There are specific recommendations for the maintenance of each driveway material. For example, asphalt driveways should be sealed every 1-3 years for the best results. To maintain a gravel driveway, fill any holes or gaps in the gravel regularly with fresh gravel.

Can I install a driveway gate by myself?

Installing a driveway gate is not a straightforward DIY job, so installing it yourself isn’t recommended unless you have previous experience.

Your best chance of having a driveway gate properly installed is to get in touch with a professional driveway gate installer to carry out the project for you. Request quotes from local tradespeople to find the right deal for you.

How long does it take to install a driveway gate?

A typical driveway gate installation takes only 1-2 days. Cleanup should take no more than a couple of hours.

The fitting process involves initially preparing the site. Preparing the site means ensuring that the area is clear and ready for installation and gathering the necessary tools and equipment.

The next step is to fit the gate’s hinges. Once the hinges are successfully fitted, the hinge plates should be marked appropriately so that the tradespeople can correctly secure the gate in place.

The hinge plates then connect to the post. Next, the gates and gate furniture will be lifted onto the hinge plates. At this stage, the latch and bolts should be fitted to guarantee the gate’s security.

Any waste created by the installation should then be removed by a van or skip hire service. Once the area is thoroughly cleaned up, you can reap the benefits of your new driveway gates straight away.

How much does it cost to remove a driveway gate?

If your driveway gate no longer serves a valuable purpose, or you want to replace it with a new one, you’ll first need to remove your existing gate.

If you lack experience in home improvement projects, hiring a professional to remove the gate is advisable. The labour cost for the removal and skip hire to dispose of the waste will set you back a few hundred pounds.

Can driveway gates be used for businesses?

While driveway gates are commonly associated with residential properties, business premises can also benefit from installing these gates.

Installing driveway gates removes business costs that would be incurred by hiring security staff. The gates add an extra layer of security to protect your team and your stock. Opting for automated gates will make it easier for staff to get in and out of the car park and easier for you to control who comes on-site.

Can existing manual driveway gates be automated?

Whether or not your manual gates can be converted to automated gates depends on the site’s layout, the gate posts, gate hinges, and the gate leaf alignment.

Many manual models can be converted into electric with relative ease if a professional carries out the job. If you have a set of manual driveway gates and you’d like to convert them to automatic gates, get in touch with a local tradesperson, who can advise on the project’s feasibility.

Can I still install a driveway gate if I have a sloping driveway?

Inclined or sloping driveways can cause an issue for driveway gates opening, but there are options for you if your driveway isn’t flat.

In some cases, swing gates that swing open in the downward direction of the slope can be installed, as long as you ensure that they don’t obstruct public pavements.

A better solution for people with sloping driveways is to install sliding driveway gates or bi-folding gates. Because the gates slide open to the side, this avoids the issues caused by gates swinging open onto an inclined driveway.

The Bottom Line

Adding a driveway gate to the front of your property brings more than just style to your home. Benefits such as increased security and privacy from neighbours make a gate an incredibly desirable feature to round off a well-maintained driveway.

Once you’ve determined which type of driveway gate best suits your need, get in touch with a local tradesperson for an installation quote.

Get A FREE Quote from local Driveway Specialists

Get quotes from local companies and tradespeople in your area. Saving you up to 40% and dozens of hours on researching.

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