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Is A Damp Survey Worth It?

Is A Damp Survey Worth It?

Key Takeaways

Damp Surveys Are Worth It: Damp surveys are essential due to the harmful effects of dampness on both human health and property structures. Timely detection and treatment of damp issues can prevent severe structural damage.

What a Damp Survey Involves: A damp survey is an in-depth investigation by a damp specialist to identify the causes of dampness in a property and propose suitable solutions. Experts use advanced tools such as damp meters and moisture readers to assess the extent of dampness and its underlying causes.

Damp Survey Costs: Damp survey costs vary based on the size and location of the property and the extent of investigation required. In the UK, damp survey costs typically range from £200 to £600, but the cost should not be compromised for thorough inspection.


Yes, it is worth having one. The reason behind that is simple – the harmful effects of damp on human health as well as the home’s.

The unwanted moisture or water that is present in various areas of a house is what indicates dampness.

If not treated on time, or left untreated, things can get terrible with the structure of the house because damp has the potential to do structural damage to it to its roots.

So, it would be wise to act immediately if you see even a tiny patch of moisture on the walls or other signs that indicate dampness.

To confirm whether it is dampness or something else, a damp survey is done, which is done by a professional damp surveying company or an individual who specialises in damp proofing.

Therefore, getting a damp survey can be worth it, given the implications that it involves if it is ignored. With that, let’s learn more about it.

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What Exactly is a Damp Survey?

Houses in the United Kingdom are filled with widespread damp issues. The biggest reason behind all of this happening is the climate itself. But we can’t change the climate. What we can change is the way we deal with this damp and dark mould problems. And a damp survey is the first thing in that endeavour.

It is more of an investigation carried out by an expert in damp-related issues, which a thorough investigation ultimately lists the causes and proposed solutions for dampness in the house.

The investigation is thorough and executed with the help of specialised tools that the professionals carry out.

This survey is vital because damps are of so many various types, and every single one of them requires a different solution to be treated. Therefore, a thorough survey is the only thing that can do justice.

If there’s even a slight amount of wetness in your house or you are buying a new house that has not been investigated for its defects, get a damp survey as quickly as possible.

Just make sure you are hiring the right individuals to get the job done, i.e., professionals who are accredited with CSRT or CRDS certifications.


What is a Damp Survey?


Why Do You Need a Damp Survey?

You need one for the following reasons:

1.    Damp Won’t Go Away on its Own and Will Only Get Worse

If there’s any signs of damp in your house, inevitably, it will not go away soon. In fact, it will get even worse. Worse to the extent that it might start damaging the things in your house to their core and make them irreparable, with the only option of cost replacements.

2.    Health Conditions Affected by Damp in a House

Dampness on walls or other areas in a house leads to mould growth. This mould gives rise to microscopic spores that spread in the atmosphere, ultimately triggering asthma, allergies, and other health-related respiratory problems too. Damps are also prone to bacterial growth and further infestations, putting the health of your loved ones at risk.

3.    The More You Ignore, The More it Will Cost You Later

Getting the damp issues resolved as soon as you find them is essential. If you keep them ignoring, it won’t do any good and worsen to the point that the damage will cost you more money to fix. Therefore, act sooner rather than later if you want to prevent damp problems and spend less money on fixing damp issues.


Should You Ignore Damp in a House?


How Does a Damp Survey Work?

It’s straightforward. The damp specialist will investigate penetrating damp in the property and find the underlying problems causing the damp issue.

A damp report on the same will be presented with solutions to remove damp from the walls, appropriate damp treatments that can be used, and the total cost.

For surveying, the experts use advanced tools like the damp meter, moisture reader, etc., to inspect how much dampness and damage there is.

The tools also help find the real cause behind the dampness, allowing them to find the right solution and list it in the damp report.

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How Much is the Damp Survey Cost?

It depends. There are no fixed prices when it comes to surveying for dampness. The biggest reason is that the damp problems vary a lot; some might even be in a single room, some in the entire property, and in other cases, only a wall must be inspected.

Therefore, the size and location of the house are the driving factors when it comes to damp surveyor cost.

But still, there are rough numbers that can be looked into. In the United Kingdom, the damp survey cost generally ranges between £200 and £600. The lower the

, the less area of the house is being investigated.

As dampness is a severe problem that can affect the health of the property and the people living in it, there must be no compromise on damp surveying based on the cost factor.


Do a Variety of Treatments Affect Damp Treatment Cost?

The cost of a damp proofing varies largely because there are so many kinds of treatments, mainly:

  • Ventilation treatment can be given in case there is a higher amount of condensation in the house
  • A damp-proof course is the frontline remedy if you want to get rid of the cause behind rising dampness
  • For penetrating damps, the underlying faults, such as rot, are investigated and repaired.
  • Plastering treatment is another solution for walls that are affected by damp wetness.

It must also be noted that the cause of the dampness affects the cost of damp treatment. If there’s a fault in the water pipes that goes way more profound, it might cost more to treat everything. And, if the damp problem is just related to ventilation, it might not require any specialised work, which will cost less.


Damp Treatment Cost


Get in Touch with a Damp Survey Specialist If Your Need a Damp Survey

You are required to get in touch with a qualified surveyor, specialist damp surveyor, surveying company or a professional who deals in damp surveying if you want to get a damp survey done.

It becomes even more important if your property is new or you are about to buy one.

Any issues, such as dry rot, damp spots, moisture on walls, damp patches or wetness in various areas of a house, can only be fixed if the root behind them is found and a damp survey is something that can do that.

Therefore, a damp survey is a root cause finder and a tool that offers perfect solutions to various damp-related problems. So, get it done right away!

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Get quotes from local companies and tradespeople in your area and saving you up to 40% and hours on researching. Let the Loftera experts take care of it.



Should You Consider a Damp Survey?

Yes, it is worth considering. Damp surveys involve inspections related to damp issues and other underlying causes. These surveys can prove to be beneficial for house owners, especially those who are buying new properties. If there are any wetness problems in the house, a qualified damp surveyor can find them and propose a perfect solution to get them fixed.

Do You Need a Damp Survey from a Professional Only?

Yes, it is essential to get a damp survey done by a professional only as they are the only ones who know how to do it and ultimately provide the best resolution to the problems that arise in the survey. Also, in case some rare issues occur, they can only be identified and handled by expert damp surveyor by experts with expertise surrounding damps, thus making it essential to hire local damp surveyors only for damp surveying.

Does a Damp Devalue a House?

It does. The value of a house can be degraded by around 53 per cent due to. And not just devalue but also the damage that it will incur. It will take a lot of money to get things repaired and fixed. The more wetness in the house, the more severe the associated problems will be. Therefore, the rising damp problem must be eliminated as soon as it is noticed.

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