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How Does Loftera Work ?

Save time and money by swiftly connecting with a local tradesman through our online service. It's free and takes just a moment!
What service do you need? Tell us about your job

At this point, we'll enquire about your project details, including the desired timeframe and location, the specific tradesperson you're seeking, and a brief description of the task.

The details you share enable us to pair you with suitable tradespeople nearby. This also equips them to provide a precise estimate when reaching out to you.

Local trades get in touch

As soon as we have all the details for your job, we'll forward it on to relevant trades in your area.

Up to 3 trades can then show interest and get in touch with you to give you a quote.

They'll usually contact you using the method you prefer, whether it be phone, text message or email.

Choose your tradesperson

Once local trades have been in touch, it's up to you to arrange with them to give a quote over the phone or visit your property.

After you've got your quotes you can then choose your preferred trade for the job.

Leave feedback

As soon as your job has been completed by the trade, we'd love it if you could leave them a review.

These reviews are a great way to help our trades build their online reputations and they're also really useful for other homeowners when selecting the best trade for them.

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