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Member Vetting

About our trade member checks

Highly vetted and checked trades that you can trust

Discover how we meticulously vet our members to ensure you can confidently choose a tradesperson for your home improvement project.

Loftera trade checks

Our members go through a strict vetting process to ensure they are of the highest standard. 

Comprehensive tradesperson verification

Identity Checked

The member has submitted a current photo ID—either a driving license or passport—and we have verified its authenticity

Proof of Address

The member has provided a valid and credible document that is recognised across the UK as proof of address.

Public Liability

A member has shared their Public Liability Insurance documentation. We've verified its validity and ensured consistency with the company name and address previously provided to us.

3-Step Interview Process

A senior team member has conducted a follow-up discussion to confirm the accuracy of the details we possess and to gain deeper insights into the history of the applicant's business.

Qualifications & Accreditations

Trades have been accreditation and qualification checked. We use only the highest qualified trades people to ensure the highest satisfaction to our homeowners.

Signed Code of Conduct

Members have read, agreed and signed our Welcome Pack which includes our Code of Conduct. The Lofera Code of Conduct was written by UK Trading Standards.

No reliance on information: The checks that have been carried out are provided for general information purposes only. We will endeavour to keep the information on our website as up to date as possible, please bear in mind that some of the content could be out of date at any time. The information provided should not be used as advice that you rely on.

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