what kitchen sink should I buy

What Kitchen Sink Should I Buy?

Your kitchen may be the lifeblood of your home, but have you ever considered that it’s the sink that gets all the work done? After all, it’s where you initially prep food (by washing it) and then use it to clean up afterwards. So how do you buy a sink for your kitchen anyway?

Plenty of sink manufacturers launch products in all shapes and sizes, materials and designs – you can opt for stainless steel with a coat of gleam on it or choose cast iron or porcelain sinks. There is also a bunch of new materials you can go for as well. Moreover, you can always get an upgrade by investing in low-priced accessories when it’s time for a complete makeover. Although some quality products do have prices in the four digits, there is a plethora of different types of brilliantly designed sinks you can get on a budget. 

The Size of the Kitchen vs. The Size of the Sink

With a dizzying variety of kitchen sinks you can select – from single bowls to multiple in-built bowls that come in varying shapes, sizes and depths. It is vital to take into account the size of your kitchen in proportion to the size of your sink. For example, if you buying a big multi-basin model and have a small kitchen, the product will no doubt overwhelm the entire room. That is a big no-no.

For bigger kitchens, you can opt for product models that are designed for added convenience – for example, double and triple bowls that enable you to easily keep all the dishes atop each other in one of the sink bowls while at the same time allowing you to rinse vegetables and in the other sink bowl.

Plenty of interior designers suggest installing one central sink and then add another bar element that is smaller than the main sink (this is for bigger kitchens). However, it will not make any sense to opt for another sink until and unless you have two people cooking different meals simultaneously. But you are going to have to make a faucet and plumbing upgrade, which is going to cost a bit extra, but it is going to be well worth it.

Mounting, Sink Deck and Colour

Irrespective of the size of your kitchen skin or its configuration or design, another vital aspect you will have to consider is the mounting you choose. This factor has both aesthetical and practical implications. Based on the size and design of your kitchen (perhaps you’re aiming for a rustic look), you are going to have to go with something that truly reflects the scheme of your kitchen. Then comes the sink deck, you will need to determine the total amount of holes in the deck. It can be anywhere from one to five or more depending on the amount of accessories and faucet you would like to add. For instance, you need to ensure that the mounting and sink-holes correspond to different things you add such as a soap dispenser or spray hoses. 

Another important consideration is the colour of your kitchen sink. A multi-coloured sink can truly bring out the depth of your kitchen style and design. Going with a product with a decent accent will cost you more money compared to sinks that come in white.

In all, there is nothing to worry about if you see that the new sink does not come with a drain strainer. You are going to have to make a separate purchase for the item. However, it does not cost much, and it is better to get a stainless steel drain strainer for lesser maintenance. But be sure to buy a strainer that complements the materials of the sink. For example, a stainless steel strainer will be a complete mismatch for a cast iron sink; the steel strainers just are not long enough. 

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Amalgamating the Style and Functionality of Faucets

In a lot of cases, you will need to replace your faucet when getting rid of the old kitchen sink. For quality and long-term faucet durability, it is highly recommended that you stick to buying the faucets from the same manufacturer. It will cost a bit extra, but in terms of quality, you will not have to worry about anything. With a durable sink faucet, you can also rest assured you will not be getting leaded water. Lead water has become a problem in most developed countries, which is why it is necessary to combine the functionality and style of your sink faucet for enhanced results.

These Are Some Trendy Faucet Options You Can Opt For

Single-handled faucet models have spout pullout design, which adds more convenient and easy maintenance. Moreover, the products come in a variety of finishes and are excellent for washing produce as well as the sink itself. 

Stainless steel spout hoses are also design-savvy products that do not have a lot of kink compared to other varieties and can cost you a pretty penny. But if you are looking for design and functionality, stainless steel spout hoses are the way to go. 

Pot fillers are another top-notch option getting a lot of attention these days. You can install pot fillers near your kitchen range or the cooktop. However, you are going to have to install a new water line, which will cost extra.

Designs and Finishes

When you talk about finishing, always go for chrome. Chrome is still a very popular material for kitchen sinks. Why? Well, sinks with chrome finishing are simpler to clean and maintain. Not to mention they provide a lot more durability and versatility. Chrome polished-brass can provide a lot of convenience when it comes to a busy kitchen. You can also go with satin-nickel in a purely aesthetical sense, although the finishing is durable, the look goes well with just about any kitchen style and design.

Kitchen Sink Features to Consider

Once you make final decision on the type of sink and style you want to have installed, another vital factor to consider are the sink’s feature. Always go for a washerless feature. This type of operation incorporates ceramic-disk vales clumped with ball and cartridge. Ceramic valves are designed for enhanced durability, especially if the water flow in your house is full of sediment or if the water is a bit hard.

Kitchen Sink Mounting Options

No matter what type of sink you buy, installing it will always be a straightforward procedure. The plumbing for sinks does not come with a lot of choices. However, you are going to have to make a practical and design-focused decision when it come deciding exactly where the sink is going to be attached on the countertop. So think about that before ordering a kitchen sink.

When it comes to sink mounting, the self-rimming variety is the best and simplest to install. It does not take more than an hour to install. Stainless steel sinks or products with composite materials are lighter and can be securely clipped and screwed on the kitchen counter. But heavier product such as cast iron sinks have to be secure held in place in accordance to their total weight.

There are a couple of stainless steel as well as steel-fused-with enamel products that require a separate steel rim for secure fastening. But if you go for this type of mounting, understand that you will end with two different seams, which will make cleaning up all the muck a bit annoying.

Sinks with undermount options are more popular considering their aesthetical appeal. They look sleeker and make it infinitely easier for wiping the counter off into the sink. Plus, you will also be able to combine different sink bowls regardless of their shape and size. But undermount sinks take double the time it takes a traditional sink to install.  Moreover, undermount sinks also require different types of sturdy materials such granite.

Different Types of Kitchen Sinks You Can Buy

Brass and Copper Sinks

Brass and copper sinks are traditionally for bathroom usage. However, you can have them installed in your kitchen strictly for secondary usage. Moreover, you will have to ensure it is wiped clean after used because it will begin to tarnish.

Decorative Sinks

These types of sinks can add a wonderful burst of colour and aesthetics into your kitchen. A bit on the pricey side, many decorative models can be a bit frustrating to keep clean. But there is no question that adding an element of style will make your kitchen the centre of attention.

Bar Sinks

These are also aesthetic-savvy and are installed near the kitchen cooktop. You can even have them installed near the chopping board. Bar sinks are widely used for cleaning fruits and vegetables or for preparing different types of meals.

So there you go – a detailed look into the types of sinks you should opt for, their mounting options and important considerations to keep in mind. And if you’re ever in need of some professional help, don’t forget to reach out to us!