Best Colours For Small Kitchen

9 Best Colours For Small Kitchen

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the books. Using the right colors can instantly brighten up your kitchen, creating an illusion of space. A lot of people assume that white is the only color when it comes to a bright , but that does not necessarily have to be the case. Listed below are some colors that will instantly amplify your small kitchen space.

1. Different Whites

It would be a crime to rule off the idea of playing with white completely. Yes, it is old school but it works, and it doesn’t have to look boring either. Play around with different hues; you can experiment with splashes of off-white, creamy shades or whites with a little bit of gray. For contrast, we highly recommend you add some nice wood furnishings or cabinets. This will not only create an airy vibe but will give your kitchen a subtle, sophisticated look.

If your primary concern is the size of the kitchen, don’t forget to open up the blinds. This will give the place a modern touch which will compensate for the small size.

2. Cool Turquoise

Wouldn’t it be cool if your kitchen reminded you of the ocean? Add a few splashes of turquoise, and you’ll get there. You can have the walls painted your favourite shade and then opt for nice tone for your cabinets. If you’re not too keen on experimenting with the walls, go with bold backsplashes instead. It’s an investment, but it will pay off in the long run.

With the countertops, you can play around with glass or quartz. That will do an excellent job in popping out the rest of the colours.

3. Neutral Shades

Neutral shades are a nice fuss-free way to make sense of the small space in your kitchen.  It won’t take a lot of mind mapping to choose the colors as these shades are easier to work with. Following the same colour scheme throughout your walls, cabinetry and countertops is a good idea since it will establish continuity, contributing to a cohesive look. However, don’t go to rigid and make sure to add some well-needed contrast here and there. This will add more personality to your space, creating an interesting vibe. And don’t forget about flooring!

4. Yellow

It goes without saying, every space in your home has a personality of its own. If your kitchen is tiny and cute, why not follow the same pattern. When we say yellow, we’re not talking about neon, go with warn, sunshine hues that will greet your soul. Depending on your preference, you can go with yellow cabinets or yellow walls (but not both). If you end up going with the cabinets, white walls and backsplashes will add a nice touch. Improvise by making sure everything contributes the same vibe in the kitchen. You’ll love it once the morning sunshine hits the counter or when you flick on the lights.

5. Mint Green

We’re not quite done with the cool hues here. Minty shades and breezy aqua tones will add a subtle zing to your kitchen. You don’t necessarily have to go bold by painting the walls – make smaller changes if you’re not quite ready for the commitment yet. Get yourself some lovely barstools or a nice vase. Start with these little changes and if you like what you see, move over to bigger to the walls and counters.

6. Light Coloured Cabinets

If you’re painting the walls white or are looking to create an open space, we highly recommend you adopt the similar theme for your cabinets. Warm browns should work too. Otherwise you can experiment with something more intriguing. Keep in mind that lighter colours may require more care, but that’s just part of the deal. If your previous cabinets seem to be a little worn down, you can have them refaced with some lighter veneer. Though this might take some added work (and thought), we’re certain you’ll be pleased with the final outcome. This will also play a vital role when you plan on reselling your home again.

7. Pops of Colour

There’s no rule that says you strictly have to follow a rigid colour scheme. Loosen up a bit and follow your instincts. Add a nice vase, an interesting rug or go extra bold with your backsplashes. Your small kitchen does not have to go through a drastic makeover to look good. You can simply start by making small changes and then see how it goes. Spending on a nice countertop might as well be a better decision than getting all of your cabinetry fixed. Plus, these minor changes will add value and might help you get a better deal when you’re selling your home. (You’re better off making these changes even if you don’t plan on selling your home anyway).

8. Red Tones

Bring out those retro vibes by playing around with red hues. They might seem a little too bright but trust us when paired with greys and whites, you won’t be able to get enough of it. Balance the overall look with white finishes and polished fixtures. We also recommend you go the extra mile by investing in stainless steel appliances. This will bring the entire kitchen together quite nicely.

If you’re not quite ready to paint the walls red, opt for red cabinetry or something else that’s much less extravagant but effective.  

9. Greys

There’s a reason why interior designers are incredibly fond of grey. It’s easy to pair with, it subtle yet interesting. We highly recommend you experiment with different shades of grey. You can go with an earthy palette to design the rest of your kitchen. Copper is another material that will go very well with grey and will add an elegant touch. This is perfect for a small kitchen where you wouldn’t want to go too overboard with too many colours.

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