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House Clearance Cost – Price Comparison – How Much Is It?

Zac Houghton

Zac Houghton

Construction expert and founder of Loftera.

Did you know you can be charged with fly-tipping if you use house clearing cowboys? Here is how to get the best prices and stay on the right side of the law to avoid fines of up to £50K

Beware of a low house clearance quote because if you use cowboys who fly-tip the property’s content and it is traced back to you, then you could be facing fines of £50,000!

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So just how much are house clearance costs? Well, it depends on the scale of the job as most things do, but the average price is circa £650 to clear a property in a day.

And on top of that, a reputable company will also instruct you that there may well be other fees if items are unusable to dispose of them in a way that meets waste disposal legislation. This is particularly true of white goods like fridges which need to be disposed of carefully, so they do not leave toxic or other dangerous waste. 

These fees are known as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) and if a company does not mention such charges then be suspicious that they are not just going to dump your items and land you with a legal nightmare.

They should also have professional accreditations such as a waste license or be a member of a business organisation such as the Chamber of Commerce or AFTA. 

Can I make money on a house clearance?

Most companies will re-sell any valuable possessions for you and often they will offset this against the cost of their work. But this will not be as much money as if you were to go to the effort of selling it yourself.

Also, a house clearance is really a service for unwanted items, for example, to empty an inherited property after a bereavement and often those items are not valuable as they have been in use.

A good idea is to remove any valuable items like antiques before you get the house clearance experts in and sell those separately.

Also, for TVs, fridges, and other electrical goods, it may be cheaper to donate these to a charity if they can still be used but are not saleable. That way you can avoid the WEEE fees we outlined earlier.

What if the house is in a real state?

House clearance companies are used to handling all sorts of situations. For example, clearing out hoarders’ homes or those that have fallen into squalor or disrepair.

If you explain the situation, they will be able to give you advice and a quote to handle the circumstances and the house clearance prices will reflect any additional time or sanitation equipment that they may need.

Do not be embarrassed as these experts are used to problem houses and will be professional in clearing up what may seem an impossible task for an amateur.

What if I just want to get rid of a few large items?                    

House clearance companies will do part of a home and some will even take away large items for you and dispose of them. They work on an hourly rate of between £40 to £60 on average.

But if it is just a few things you want to get rid of then it is worthwhile checking if it is cheaper to take items to a tip yourself. You can also look at re-selling them on marketplaces like Gumtree or eBay and if you are not worried about making money on the goods and just want to get rid of them, then you could give them away for free on the basis that they are collected.  

Some local authorities also offer a free service for one-off items that they will collect, and charities will also pick up items if they are in a good enough condition to be re-used by those in need. 



How does house clearance work?

House clearance can either be the contents of a whole property, part of a property or even just to get rid of clutter you no longer want.

Typically, house clearance is made following a bereavement or if the resident has gone into long term care or after a property has been abandoned or been repossessed. It is a way of getting rid of unwanted possessions as the home needs to be emptied before it is re-sold. 

There are many companies who offer house clearance services and often any valuable or resalable content will be taken off their price. House clearance companies also donate unwanted but not valuable items to charities and also work with local authorities to make sure any unusable items are disposed of safely and in accordance with proper waste disposal legislation.  

If you have unusable electrical items, there may also be additional fees for their recycling under the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) which the company will inform you about. 

What does a house clearance involve? 

The usual process for house clearance is for you to remove anything that has real or sentimental value and then get a quote from a specialist company. Alternatively, you can ask the company to quote for any valuable items if you are in a rush or do not want the hassle of re-selling things yourself. You will probably get less from them than if you re-sold items but often people do not have the experience or the time to take this on themselves.

The company will then clear the house of the items you want removed on your chosen date.

As we have said, their fee can be offset by giving them high-value items to sell-on and by using professionals, you do not have the bother of transporting unwanted possessions to waste tips or recycling centres which can also be expensive as well as time-consuming. 

Good house clearance specialists will also ensure they leave homes tidy and uncluttered so are ideal if you are looking at selling the property on, re-modelling or renting it out.  

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