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Last Updated on December 3, 2020

Home Staging Cost in 2021 – UK Price Comparison

Zac Houghton

Zac Houghton

Construction expert and founder of Loftera.

Did you know that staged homes sell for a staggering 8% more than non-staged homes? Well, now you do.

Now that we have your attention, let’s get to discussing home staging costs in 2021 and beyond.

You shouldn’t have to pay any more than £2,000 as a final price for your overall home staging project. Sure, that is a sizeable amount, but when you take into account how much it can help in selling your property, and at an increased amount, it is an outlay worth budgeting for.

home staging cost

On average, you can pay anything in between £120 and £275 for an initial home staging consultation lasting up to three hours.

At the end of this appointment, you are likely to be provided with a report, recommendations and a price quote. It is at this point that you would decide whether to go with this professional or continue looking.

We’ll go into the pricing in more detail shortly, but first and foremost, there is an extremely important question that needs answering…

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What is Home Staging?

Put simply. Home staging is the method of making a property look as appealing to potential buyers as possible.

So how does it differ to refurbing a property? Home staging doesn’t actually involve any physical updates to the foundations of a house. It’s all about working with what is already in place, and making it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Imagine, as a potential buyer viewing a property, walking into the home in question and seeing stains on the carpet, out of date magazines on a dusty coffee table, and wallpaper that belongs in the 1980s.

You may not be able to notice these necessary upgrades, but a home staging professional certainly will. They aren’t attached to anything inside the property, so can make judgement calls without any sentiment getting in the way.

The end goal of any home staging project is to make prospective buyers fall in love with the place. You want them to take a look around and imagine themselves living there.

Home staging experts employ simplistic techniques such as space efficiency, colour coordination and natural lighting upgrades to bring a room or entire house to life.

They may advise that you remove any particularly religious or political artifacts from sight. Please don’t take offence to this. It all comes down to wanting a potential buyer to imagine themselves living there. If they are an atheist, and are met with lots of religious decoration, it will immediately put them off. It’s just the way the human mind works, it can be tough for us to see past things once we have initially noticed them.

Much like in life, home staging is all about first impressions. Add those little tweaks of quality to your home, and watch the offers roll in.

Home Staging Cost: A Price Guide

The two most popular ways that a home staging consultant may charge for a project are by the hour, or as a daily rate.

Whichever option they opt for depends on the person in question, with prices differing based on a number of factors such as;

  • Experience
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Existing Testimonials
  • Location of Property
  • Size of Property

As previously mentioned, you can expect to pay between £120 and £275 as a daily rate. Such booking tend to last between two to three hours, although can take longer. This option may be best if you have a bigger home, or a complex design of home. With an agreed amount before the consultation takes place, there are no surprises.

Some professionals will charge an hourly rate. Again, dependant on the above factors, this rate can range from £20 to £75 per hour. £20 may sound like a bargain, and perhaps it is. However, if you have been quoted an hourly rate at the lower end of this scale, please do your research. Make sure you are hiring a reputable professional who has the necessary experience and reviews.

Once the consultation has taken place, you can then of course cut ties there and get to work yourself based on their recommendations. Of course, this DIY approach takes time, and if you are looking for a quick sell, your time can be precious.

A house decluttering tends to cost around £600. This can vary, of course, and doesn’t apply to vacant homes.

Individual rooms can be improved as part of the process for between £300 and £500, so the size of the house will most certainly be a factor in your final home staging cost.

Will Home Staging Help to Sell my Property?

Almost certainly. Not only that, it will help to sell your property for more than what it would do without a home staging taking place.

Let’s consider that 8% increase in sale value that we linked to earlier. The below table portrays how much extra money you could receive off the sale of your property, working off that 8% valuation.

Initial Property Value

Property Value After 8% Increase

Amount of Increase



















Take into consideration that the average house price in England Is now at £256,000, and that’s a national average potential increase in property value of £20,480. More reading: how much to build a house.

At the rates discussed above, can you really afford to pass up on a potential increase in property value of those proportions? 

Factors That Increase the Cost of Staging a House

If you need to acquire lots of new furniture, decorations or materials in order to stage your home to the required standard, the price of doing so will increase.

If you live in a more affluent area, you will generally end up paying more. But that is the case in most walks of life, not just home staging.

Finally, without question, if the property is run down or in need of serious work to bring it up to selling standards, more will need to be spent on material and furniture.

How to Save Money on Home Staging?

We understand that putting up the money for a home staging, without a guarantee of return on investment, is a big ask. However, when done right, the rewards are unparalleled.

There are two main ways to save money on your home staging project.

Stage Only Where You Need To

If you have a particularly large property, it may cost more than you are willing to spend to stage the entire home.

If this is the case, prioritise! The main bedroom, kitchen and living/dining rooms are where potential buyers are immediately drawn to.

Consider a ‘Soft Stage’

A soft stage involves adding colour and bringing in more accessories to a room. Think of a soft stage as a major declutter and way of utilising space within the home, and you’ll save yourself a few quid.

Home Staging: Is It Worthwhile?

Do we really need to answer this question still? If so, take another look at the above table and work out how much you could potentially save if you stage your home to its full potential.

It’s a no brainer!


Need a Home Staging Service?

Save up to 40% by comparing quotes from trusted home stagers.