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Last Updated on December 12, 2020

Demolition Costs – For a House, Garage & Commercial Buildings

Zac Houghton

Zac Houghton

Construction expert and founder of Loftera.

Did you know that just over 50% of all self-built properties in the UK are done so after an existing home has been demolished?

So, if you think you’re being too radical in contemplating knocking down your house and building from the ground up, think again. You’re certainly not alone in taking on a project of this size.

Many ambitious homeowners simply love the idea of starting from scratch, but many of them find themselves asking the same question – “how much does a demolition cost?”.

Smaller homes can have demolition costs starting from as low as £5,000, while a larger detached house may end up costing in excess of £20,000.

By the time you have read this blog, we hope you’ll have a clearer understanding of where your property fits on that scale.

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Demolition Cost Per M2

We understand, £20,000 is quite a leap from £5,000. However, there are so many mitigating circumstances that can impact your overall demolition costs, that we feel it is better to use a wide range, as not to mislead our readers.

To further assist your specific needs, the below table gives an overview of the maximum and minimum you should pay for a demolition, depending on the size of your property.

Property Size

Minimum Price

Maximum Price

Average Cost

80 – 120 m2




150 – 200 m2




200 – 250 m2




As you might expect, the biggest cost of any demolition job, no matter the size, is the disposal of the materials themselves. Once pulled down, by whichever method, that waste has to go somewhere, usually to a landfill.

Before you go all Miley Cyrus and opt for that wrecking ball, you’ll want to be absolutely sure that the project is viable. In many cases, viability is intrinsically linked with profitability, but not always. Some property owners aren’t in it to sell for a profit, and just want to start from scratch and enjoy a brand-new home.

To comprehend whether a project of this nature is feasible or not, you’ll want to have a clear understanding of the varying factors that can have a say on the final costs involved.

demolition costs for commercial buildings uk

Factors Impacting Demolition Cost

Size of the Area

This one goes without saying. As discussed in our previous table, the larger the property in question, the more tools and machinery that will be required. Similarly, the larger the property, the more waste that will need to be disposed of.

Materials Required

There will be a wide range of materials required to demolish a house, each of which will have differing costs attached to them. You’ll want to factor this into your final budget.

Kind of Demolition

Are you opting for a top-down demolition? Or perhaps you’re doing the whole thing by hand. If so, we would recommend drafting in several pairs of hands, as it is a sizable task to undertake. For much bigger properties, a demolition by explosive may be required.

Removal of Hazardous Materials

Older properties may contain asbestos, which can be extremely dangerous. Often used for roofing in building pre-dating 1990, a specialist will need to be hired to remove this toxic material. Pipework, cladding and guttering can also contain asbestos. Removing it will add to your overall costs, but there is no compromise to be had here (1), (2).

Access to the Site

To demolish a property in busy areas such as city centres will generally cost more. This is because more precautions will need to be taken to ensure the safety of those nearby. If scaffolding is required, this will also increase the finances.

How Long Will It Take?

Much like most aspects of any project of this size, the time taken to complete a demolition can depend on a number of factors.

However, you should usually allow for between four to eight days before completion. If the building is a semi-detached or terraced house, a support will need to be added to the adjoining buildings.

This will obviously add to the overall cost. Take a read of our party wall surveyor cost blog to find out more about how best to approach your neighbours ahead of big building work.

Why Should I Consider Replacing a Home?

While there is no denying that committing to a job of this size is a mammoth task, the long-term benefits are unquestionable.

In demolishing the old structure and starting from the ground up, you have complete creative freedom to make the property look exactly how you like.

Building a new home can also increase the value of your property, often by more than you originally may have thought. Read more on how much does it cost to build a house. Modernised homes are usually more energy efficient, so while you are saving money living there, you will also pocket more in any future sale as this is a huge selling point. Btw check out new boiler cost article if you’d like to make your home more energy efficient.

Garage Demolition Cost

It is not uncommon for property owners to want more outside space. In those summer months, a bigger garden area or increased room for decking is high on the priority list for many families.

Assuming that your garage is a standard size that can fit one vehicle, you can expect to pay between £500 and £2,500.

Where on this scale your project fits will be down to the size and layout of the garage, and the material in question. It is cheaper to knock down concrete than brick. Learn more about garage conversion cost if you change your mind about demolition.

Bathroom Demolition Cost

A bathroom demolition cost is slightly more complicated to price up, given that there are many different items to consider. The sink, shower, bath, toilet and flooring will all need to be disposed of, with labour costs and waste removal to be taken into account.

Once you’re at the stage of building a new bathroom, you might want to check out new bathroom prices.

In reality, you should not hold back on demolishing a standing property in a bid to replace it, if you are passionate about it. The advantages of seeing this building work through are plentiful.

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