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Last Updated on September 25, 2021

Cost of Extension Over Garage – How Much Is It?

Zac Houghton

Zac Houghton

Construction expert and founder of Loftera.

If you are sick of not having enough room or space in your home, then what about getting an extension over your garage?

It’s actually one of the most popular home improvements in the UK, which not only adds value to your property, but also allows you to create that extra space in the form of a bedroom, ensuite or even a bathroom.

That’s why we are going to take a look at what is involved with the cost of an extension above a garage, because although it might seem like an expensive job, it could work out to be much cheaper than you ever imagined.

Save up to 30% on your quote:
cost of extension over garage

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Save up to 30% on your quote:

Cost of extension above single garage

Although it won’t give you bags of room, an extension of a single garage can certainly open up a brand new space to your property. We often see these areas used for a children’s playroom, nursery of even a home office or games room.

On average, you should expect this kind of build to be somewhere in the region of £20,000, which includes the price of the extension over the single garage, along with any new roofing that is required.

Here is a price breakdown of what may come in your quote: 

Type of Extension

Minimum Price

Average Price

Top Price

Extension of the top of a garage




Extension which includes the addition of an ensuite bedroom




How much does a bedroom extension over a double garage cost?

For many people, the main reason for getting any extension over a garage is to give themselves a bigger bedroom. We’d all love to have extra space for wardrobes, furniture or even that luxury King sized bed, and with this kind of extension, you should be able to enjoy all of those.

Typically, this tends to cost in the region of 30% more than the same kind of extension over a single garage, as obviously you’ll be gaining a lot more space. In terms of price, that means anything up to the region of £33,000, with additional fees on top if there is any structural problems that may make the job more complicated or time consuming. The same rule applies if your garage needs to be underpinned or walls need moving around.

Always get your plans drawn up first so that you’ll have a better idea of exactly what is required from the job and the issues it may cause for your builder.

What’s the cost of the extension above the garage with an ensuite bedroom?

If rather than just extending a current bedroom, you actually want to create a new one with an ensuite as part of your extension plans, then you’ll like find that the ensuite adds considerably to your overall costs.

With so many extra fixtures and fittings required in any bathroom (new bathroom cost), you’d be looking at around the £4,000 mark for the extras that are needed on top of the actual extension price.

In order to do this effectively, we’d only recommend doing this as part of an extension over a double garage, otherwise the space will be fairly cramped to fit in the ensuite and the bedroom. In total, we’d average the costs of this to be up to £38,000, with a more budget fitting costing closer to £24,000.

Of course, as soon as you start adding any kind of extension to your house, you’ll want to try and find a brick and tile match, this looks as close as possible to what you currently have. If you kind, it might be worth speaking to your builder to see if they can give you a quote on changing everything around your whole property. If not, really do your research so that you can get the extension looking exactly the same as your current building.

Should I get planning permission for above a garage extension?

This all depends on how big your extension is going to be. If it’s up to a certain size and doesn’t include certain details, then you may well get away without having any planning permission, as it may fall under the rules of a ‘permitted development’.

Nonetheless, it’s always better to contact your local council to check what their guidance is on any kind of extensions. Failing to do this, could mean you have to knock down your extension in the future.

Garage Extension Help

It goes without saying, but our team at Loftera have endless amounts of experience in the home improvements industry and we have experts on hand to help with every question of garage extensions.

Whether you dream of adding in that ensuite or simply want to open up a space for a games room or office, then we can get you in touch with a trusted tradesperson who can do the job for you.

Just get in touch with us today!

Save up to 30% on your quote:
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