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Last Updated on January 22, 2021

Boiler Service Cost: How Much Is It & How Can I Save in 2021?

Zac Houghton

Zac Houghton

Heating expert and founder of Loftera.

Think having your boiler serviced is an unnecessary cost? Think again.

A broken boiler is a major problem for any home, particularly in the colder months. The below are three of the main problems that you will be faced with without a fully functioning boiler;

  • Cold showers & cold running water
  • Redundant radiators
  • A generally cold home

We don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a very relaxing home. Now that we have agreed that this is a problem you don’t want to have to face, let’s find out how much a boiler service costs.

A boiler service cost is generally around £70 to £100. This can vary depending on where in the country you are, and who you choose to take on the job.

A one-off service is the most popular way that people in the UK tend to their boiler, but that is not the only way to keep on top of it.


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Boiler Service Charge: The Two Options

One-Off Boiler Service

As discussed, a one-off boiler service will generally see you pay a fee of between £70 and £100. This may increase if you have an older boiler, as it is likely to require more repairs that will take longer.

Boiler Cover

Most people don’t actually take out boiler cover, but it is advisable to do so. You wouldn’t be required to pay a singular fee at any one point, instead paying a monthly charge of between £8 and £13 on average.

Sure, over the course of a year you will end up paying that bit more, but you’ll have peace of mind this way. For us, that added reassurance if worth the extra £30 to £50 over the course of a year.

When opting for boiler cover, you’ll not only be covered for servicing costs, you’ll also be covered for the cost of repairs, emergency breakdown and even a boiler replacement. The latter is a huge plus point, as we will discuss shortly.

Which Should I Choose?

The answer to this question really depends on how new your boiler is. If it is reasonably new, then paying for a one-off service may be the best option.

However, if your boiler is over eight years old, you may be best opting for boiler cover. Older boilers are much more likely to require modifications, repairs or even replacing. Paying a nominal fee each month gives you the reassurance that all of that is covered.

Why Should I Service my Boiler?

We would always recommend an annual boiler service, for a number of reasons. A fully functioning boiler minimises the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. You don’t need us to tell you why that is so important. In addition, your running costs will be kept to a reasonable amount and the lifespan of your boiler will be sure to increase if looked after properly.

Not only does regularly servicing your boiler result in fewer breakdowns, but many manufacturers also will not actually validate your warranty if your boiler hasn’t been serviced. So, not only do you want to ensure that you are performing yearly services, but you’ll also want to keep any receipts to provide proof if required.

What is Included in a Boiler Service?

We would always advise you to check this out with your engineer before any work begins. Most will cover the same areas as standard, but it is always best to double check.

The service provided can be as basic as a check up or as involved as a full plumbing and electricity service. This will more than likely be dependent on the price that you have paid.

While engineers will be on hand to deal with any leaks, dirt and potential corrosion, a qualified plumber will test the below features;

  • Boiler controls
  • Pressure flow
  • Safety devices
  • Combustion releases
  • Pipework
  • Connections

A qualified serviceman will also check to see if the seals are intact or not.

Boiler Repair Costs

After the boiler service has taken place, you will hopefully be given the green light that everything is working as it should be.

If not, then the costs can begin to build depending on the repairs that are required. You can expect to pay between £100 and £400 for replacement parts, depending on whether they are minor or essential components. The parts and labour costs will be covered in this price.

The below table will help to give you an estimated guide on how much you will be required to pay for various boiler replacement parts.

Boiler Replacement Part

Minimum Estimated Cost

Maximum Estimated Cost

Heat Exchanger



Diverter Valve



Gas Valve









Air Pressure Switch









With all of the above covered under annual boiler cover, you should now understand why some people would opt for this service.

What’s more, if the boiler is damaged beyond repair, an entire replacement can cost between £1,000 and £4,000. Liking the look of that annual boiler cover now, aren’t you?

Where on that scale your potential new boiler cost would fall depends on a number of factors. A simple swap of the same type of boiler will cost less than an overhaul of your heating system. Additionally, if you are moving your boiler elsewhere in your property, this will increase the cost. Much like with most things, your geographical location will also be a factor.

The most popular boiler type in this country is now the combi boiler, whereby water is heated directly from the mains and circulates around your house. Older properties are more likely to be fitted with conventional boilers that are supplied via a cold water tank. Finally, a system boiler is the middle product in that it heats water directly from the mains (similarly to a combi), but stores in a hot water tank.

The below table will give you a guide on how much you should expect to pay for a replacement boiler, based on the type that you are opting for.

Boiler Type

Average Cost of Boiler

Average Labour Cost

Average Total Cost


£500 – £2,000

£500 – £1,000

£1,000 – £3,000


£500 – £2,500

£500 – £1,000

£1,000 – £3,500


£500 – £3,000

£500 – £1,000


Again, if you require a replacement boiler and pay a monthly fee for your boiler cover, you will avoid the above costs.

What is Included in an Annual Boiler Check?

An annual boiler check will involve an engineer visiting your home and performing a number of necessary checks that should take no more than an hour.

First of all, they’ll be sure to check for any corrosion or leaks, before checking to see if the main functions are working as they should be. The boiler’s flue will be checked to ensure that any smoke and gases are being removed. Finally, they will start up the boiler and check to see that the pressure is as it should be.

A checklist will be provided with any faults that have been found – hopefully none.

Tips to Keep Your Boiler Service Cost Down

The first and most important tip that we can share is to make sure you are sticking to an annual boiler service. Minor corrections or repairs that can be dealt with easily one year, can easily become much more serious issues if left unattended.

You should also keep an eye on your boiler all year round. Sure, you most likely won’t need to heat your property in the warmer months, but you don’t want to leave your boiler completely unused for six months. We would suggest that you turn your heating on for a few minutes every couple of weeks, just to keep it ticking over.

The last thing you want to do is see your warranty become invalid due to a lack of care. Negligence to your boiler will result in your warranty becoming worthless.

How Often Should I Have my Boilers Serviced?

Annually! At the risk of repeating ourselves, we would absolutely recommend that you book in a boiler service every year – just to keep on top of things (1).

When Should I Change my Boiler?

Generally, a new boiler should last for up to 15 years. At this time, you should consider replacing it. If it has been regularly serviced, looked after correctly and isn’t resulting in an increase in bills, then it may be fine to stick with your current boiler. Always seek advice from an independent professional, they will have the answers that you need.

Is it a Legal Requirement to Have my Boiler Serviced?

Unless you are a landlord, it isn’t a legal necessity to have your boiler serviced. Even so, given the safety and financial repercussions involved in not regularly servicing your boiler, you should still do so – whether there is a legal obligation or not. (2)

Is it Worth Having my Boilers Serviced?

Does this question still need answering? Absolutely! Keep on top of your service plan, consider monthly billing for your boiler cover, but above all else, do not neglect your boiler.

You’ll regret it in the long run.

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