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Last Updated on January 22, 2021

Boiler Not Registered With Gas Safe? Here’s What To Do

Zac Houghton

Zac Houghton

Construction expert and founder of Loftera.

When was the last time you checked your boiler’s Gas Safe certificate? If it’s been longer than a year then it’s already been too long.

All boilers in the UK need to be checked and approved by the Gas Safe Register (GSR) (1) and you are required by law to have your system checked every 12 months. To carry on using it without a proper certificate is a criminal offence, so whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, get in touch with either your landlord or the GSR directly to have your annual check booked in.

Boiler Not Registered With Gas Safe

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How do I get a Gas Safe certificate for my boiler?

Fortunately, the process of Gas Safe boiler registration is super straightforward: you can apply quickly and easily online, or alternatively, you can download the PDF of the application form to be sent by post.

You should receive annual reminders/contact from the GSR or gas provider, but it is still your responsibility to keep on top of it. Be sure to mark it down in your calendar, sift through your post and check your email inboxes.

Building Regulations Certificate

If you run a business/in charge of managing a property and are looking to make sure your premises meets all of the legal requirements, then you will also need the correct certification in order to open safely to the public, take on tenants etc.

The renewal process is exactly the same in this instance too: you can order a duplicate certificate here and find out more information on annual checks, as well as legal requirements elsewhere in the UK.

For newly installed systems, however, the local authority must be notified within 30 days. After the boiler has been fitted, you can simply ask your Gas Safe registered engineer to notify the GSR, at which point they will contact your local authority in order for the requisite building regs boiler installation certificate to be issued.

A full list of work covered by building regulations can be found here.


How much does a Gas Safe Register certificate cost?

A brand new Gas Safe Register boiler certificate costs £347 before VAT and will last for the full 12 months, whereas your annual renewal should cost you around £60. Either way, both are much cheaper than the penalty fees issued to people who don’t adhere to the UK’s government regulations.

Does a new boiler have to be registered with Gas Safe?

Yes. Not only does the annual certificate apply to every boiler in operation, but a Gas Safe certificate is required in order for you to begin the warranty period with the manufacturer/your energy provider. Once again, your engineer should contact the GSR as soon as the new boiler has been installed, but the same 30 day notice period is applicable – don’t take the risk of waiting any longer.

What are the penalties for an unregistered boiler?

£6,000 and/or a possible six months in prison. Yes, as mentioned, running a boiler that hasn’t been properly approved or is outside of its certification period is a criminal offence.

While homeowners are only likely to face one fine/sentence, landlords who own multiple properties housing unregistered boilers face a penalty for each item that doesn’t have a certificate. Even worse than that, tenants are liable too and if, rightly so, they sue for civil damages, this simple oversight can quickly turn into a nightmare for all parties.


  1.     Don’t wait to check your boiler’s certificate
  2.     They last 12 months
  3.     Registration/renewal is easy

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