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Basement Conversion Cost – 2022 Price Comparison UK

Are you thinking of making better use of your basement space? Well once you spent hours upon hours thinking of different things you could use your converted basement for (e.g. home gym, guest bedroom, home office), you are probably wondering the following. How much does a basement conversion cost in the UK? 

In this post we are going to break down and compare the basement conversion prices to give you an accurate estimate of what it’s going to cost you should you decide to convert your basement.

Existing cellars

Do you have an existing basement? Well then you don’t need to factor in structural work which brings down the cost to around £1,500 per square metre. Again, the main factor which will raise the cost is when you begin to lower the floor or increase the ceiling height. Doing this will obviously raise the costs significantly.

Basement excavation

If you’ve assumed that this option would be more expensive then you are absolutely right. The amount of work in a new basements excavation increases the expense list significantly. There is a lot of different work that has to be performed which you wouldn’t need to do to an existing cellar. This work includes:

  • damp proofing the basement 
  • underpinning the walls
  • rerouting drains or sewers
  • Any topography related issues that need to be addressed

When you take the above labour into consideration then you end up with a cost for excavating a new basement of around £2500-4000 per square metre. 

What will you convert your basement into?

A key driving factor for the price will be the primary use of your newly converted basement. Depending on what you’re going to use it for, the price will differ. If it’s a low spec room such as a wine collection room then you’re hovering around the £2500 per square metre mark. Should you go fancy and want to turn your basement into an underground spa or a swimming pool or any other space that is complicated to pull off then we are looking at £4000 per square metre as a minimum.

Additional Costs To Consider

No one likes the extra expenses but we have to address the elephant in the room. There will be extra costs to cover such building regulations, planning applications etc. Maybe on the top of it you’d like an external access to your newly converted basement? Well that raises the total cost too. 

Summing Up The Basement Conversion Cost:

  • Conversion of an existing basement: £800-£1500 per square metre.
  • Lowering the floor level: £1,400 – £2,100 per square metre.
  • Digging a new basement space underneath a garden: £1,500 – £2,000 per square metre.
  • Digging a new basement space and underpinning: £2,000 – £3,200 per square metre.
  • Planning application (might not be required: £175
  • 20% VAT if you’re working with VAT-registered contractors. 
Now that we know the expenses, you might still have some additional questions which is why we’ve put together an FAQ section below to answer the most common questions.

Do basement conversions add value to my property?

Yes and that is one of the reasons which makes it worth investing into one. They can add anywhere from 10-20% to your property’s value depending on the specifications of the conversion. This is an excellent investment!

How much does it cost to lower a basement floor?

A conversion with lowering the floor level will cost you between £1400-£2000 per square metre depending on the specifications of the lowering. For a more accurate estimate click here to get a quote.

Is it worth it to dig out a basement?

Let’s sum up what you get if you add a basement to your house or property. First of all, you end up with additional space which can be turned into a kitchen, an ensuite bedroom, a pool and entertainment room, a home gym or a home office. If your budget is big you might even be able to construct a home SPA. On the top of it, it will raise your property’s value by 10-20%. The answer is, it’s totally worth it. 

How long does a basement conversion take?

This will depend on whether you’re going DIY style or working with a professional company. Hiring professionals will take less time so if you’d like to convert your basement fast and reliably then click here for a quote. On average it can take two to three weeks unless it’s a complex project then you are looking at four to seven weeks. 

What is the next step?

If this article convinced you to turn your basement space into an additional living space then the next step would be to get a quote from a construction company so that you can start the work soon. However if you were not convinced that this is the right project to undertake but would still like to invest your money into your property then do not worry. There are several other projects you can do and we have detailed pricing for each of them: